by Inês Barros

by Inês Barros


Once upon a time…

Maria J. Lima was born in Porto, Portugal. After studying Literature, she decided to pursue a life long passion in the Performing Arts and in 2004 she auditioned for the  Balleteatro Escola Profissional. After successfully passing her audition she began studying Contemporary Theatre, where another passion started to develop.

She began to take lessons in dancing and realised it was something she had to follow, so after graduating from Drama School in 2007, she became a dancer and a teacher. Her dancing allowed Maria to perform all over the country and own her own dance studio in the heart of Porto.

In 2012, Maria decided to make a huge change in her life in search of something new, so she made the decision to move to London where she currently lives.

Work in comic books

Before coming to London Maria had a script for a short film that was rejected and she slowly turn that story into a graphic novel. In December 2015, after working with illustrator Patrik Caetano for a year , Maria published her graphic novel "Patient EV-136" with Chiado Editora.

In September 2018, the Anthology "Apocryphus- Femme Power" was published which includes the story "The Cure" written by Maria and illustrated by Ana Varela and has now an Adamastor Award nomination for Best Fantasy Comic Book.

Her new story FireStone is now in development after presenting it at MCM London in May 2019.

Being a journalist

Back in Portugal Maria was working a film journalist for an online magazine since 2010 but when she came to London that work stopped until in 2017 she was recruited by the Portuguese website Cinema Pla’Net to be their London correspondent. Since then she’s been covering events and interviewing artists all across London.