Work in Comics

“I've always had stories in my head and I do have a very visual mind so I guess writing for comic books just came natural to me."


An upcoming comic book that combines elements like Magick, adventure and technology. Set in a futuristic London where the focus is on the journey of the main character, Ophelia.

This Comic Book is in development at the moment.

Apocryphus - Femme Power

"The Cure" was illustrated by Ana Varela and it is a part of an Anthology graphic novel.

Synopsis : In a near future, a mercenary is hired by the Government to track down two sisters that are hidden in a dense Scottish forest in search of a cure. 

This anthology is now nominated for an Adamastor Award for Best Fantasy Comic Book.

Available for sale: email me for details!

Patient EV-136 - Mini Comic

Illustrated by Patrik Caetano

A prequel story about one of the characters from the graphic novel.

Patient EV-136

A graphic novel illustrated by Patrik Caetano.

Synopsis: Beatrix wakes up in a mortuary with no memory. There’s only a clue: EV-136. Between strange symptoms and flashes of lost memories, she feels that she is carrying a greater secret. And her fate…inevitable!

Published in 2015 by Chiado Editora.

Available for sale :

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A mini-comic illustrated by Patrik Caetano that tells a story of two very different women bound together by trauma on a full moon night.

This project was for a competition at Amadora Bd.