My Top 10 Valentine's Day Movies

Dear Reader,

It’s getting closer to that date most of us are looking forward to and others are simply deciding to ignore. Either way I would like to share with you my Top 10 romantic movies to watch this Valentine’s day, or any other day you need to get a good cry while holding a glass of whiskey. This list is a reflection of my current favorite ones, old time classics and a few I hold dear to my heart.

P.S. : It might contain some spoilers.

10) 10 Things I hate about you

This romantic comedy is a teen version of Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew” and my favourite of this genre. How can we forget Patrik Verona (Ledger) singing “Can’t take my eyes off you”? Or the beautifully crafted poem Kat (Stiles) reads at the end of the movie? These scenes took me by surprise when I was young and I still revisit it when I’m in the mood. Fuelled by great lines and lessons a lot of teenagers, even nowadays, should listen to carefully.

9) Call me by your name

I watched this movie quite recently and it moved me in so many ways. A beautiful coming of age story with a bittersweet ending that makes you, much like Elio (Chalamet) in the end, take a moment to absorb all that has happen. It’s the pain of first love, the first heartbreak but most of all, the happiness that you can feel once you realise how lucky you are to have experienced such an emotion with someone. Elio’s father speech, delivered amazingly by Michael Stuhlbarg, is what really gets me.

8) Amelie

This is such a cute film with a great soundtrack! It’s a romantic movie but also a self-discovery one. As Amelie tries to help everyone around her while keeping forgetting about her own path and happiness. Her character is quirky and this love story is very different from the ones we usually see. The photo booth mystery! A travelling gnome! Travel to France for a while!

7) Punch-Drunk Love

Paul Thomas Anderson’s sweet sweet film. It’s an interesting way to look at love, to explore the awkwardness, the loneliness and the bizarre in a romantic context. I find this movie quite endearing and once again, this filmmaker shows us his ability to use colours as a storytelling device. It’s a perfect film for those who want something different for a Valentine’s Day film choice.

6) Sabrina (1954)

I chose this one out of my long list of romantic classics. It’s a Cinderela story about the poor girl who falls in love with the rich boy next door. Nothing fancy or new in this version except for one thing: It shows the diference between idolised love and the love that comes naturally and somehow in an unexpected way. Hepburn style is breathtaking! Plus it has Bogart….(always a plus in my book)

5) Silver Linings Playbook

This film, along side “As Good As It Gets”, is beautiful in the way it portrays love vs mental illness. A movie about acceptance of the other. Showing that care, compassion and nurture can help someone overcome their issues or at least live with them in a healthy way. Great performances, a dance sequence (who doesn’t love that?), funny dialogue and heart-breaking moments. It has one of my favourites “romantic speeches” in the end.

4) The Crow

This film is also part of my Halloween selection but I have to put it quite high on my romantic list for all the reasons I’m about to tell you. It’s based on a graphic novel and came to life in the early 90’s. What could be more romantic than someone coming back from the dead to enact vengeance for the brutal murder of their loved one? Eric Draven (Lee) walks the streets with his face painted, a gothic look and he recites poetry by Edgar Allan Poe. Little gothic me was soooooo in love! I also recommend it’s soundtrack.

3) Romeo+Juliet (1996)

Now, this wouldn’t be a romantic movie list if I didn’t pick up one of the greatest love stories of all time. I chose this version because it has such a special meaning for me. I was a teenager and my Latim teacher took me and other students to watch this in the cinema. I was so shaken by it that a few days later I even bought the play so I could relive the dialogue. The truth is that I could write an entire dissertation about why I love this film but instead I’ll just tell you that it has one of the most cinematic meet cute ever : the aquarium scene. And, if music be the food of love, please play the soundtrack for this film. It’s the sound of the 90’s!

2) The Shape Of Water

I love Guillermo Del Toro movies. That’s it. I just love them, all the ones I’ve seen. I was very lucky to grab tickets to see this film before it was officially released in theatres at the BFI-LFF in late 2017. It’s simplicity just makes it even more beautiful. A fairytale where a woman and a creature fall in love and accept each other. Acceptance is a subject very close to my heart and the core of true love stories. To see someone for who they are completely and love them none the less. The soundtrack, the colour palette, a dance number (I told you, it’s my soft spot) and a good dose of humour.

1) Sleepless In Seattle

Nora Ephron was an outstanding filmaker. I adore her movies and this one is my all time favourite romantic movie of all time. I know it by heart, I can quote it and even act out the scenes. I don’t know why I love this movie so much, maybe it’s the idea of fate/destiny. Also these characters don’t actually meet until the very end of the movie which I find so interesting because it’s focus on their journey apart while trying to figure themselves out: Sam (Hanks) has realised that he’s ready to date again and Annie (Ryan) has figured out that she wants more in a relationship than what she’s got at the moment. And, I know I’ve said this in almost every movie choice but…the soundtrack is so good!