My Top 10 Childhood Cartoons

Dear Reader

This was a very very hard choice to make. When I was doing my research for this list I realised that I have sooooo many to chose from! I spent too much time sitting on the floor of my grandparent’s living room with a bowl of cereal in my hand ready for a full morning of entertainment.

Ps: This list does not include Disney cartoons or those inspired by movies, that will have a list of its own.

10 - Dogtanian

How I loved this show! The intro was super catchy and the characters were so great! Not to mention great animation!

9 - Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

If you’re not singing this intro, you’re not doing it right AHAHAHAH I used to loveeeee the design of the scrapyard!

8 - He-Man / She-Ra

These intros were so OTT!! What kid did not wanted to have a sword that could turn your pet into an amazing sidekick/mode of transportation?

7 - Denver , The Last Dinosaur

The concept of this show is so crazy but I loved every episode of this! Plus : Intro Theme!

6 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Great animation and once again, what a fantastic intro song! And to today I still believe that I am very much Rafael.

5 - SailorMoon

I had to choose the Portuguese version of the intro because, even today, it’s sooooooo good!! I loved this show so much! My favourite was always Sailor Moon because, like me, she was clumsy and completely unaware AHAHAHA. Plus the TRANSFORMATIONS! What person would not like to change costume like that?

4 - Saint Seiya - Knights of the Zodiac

Greek mythology? Powerful armours? Character driven stories? Hell yeah this was one of my favourites! It was hard to choose a favourite, they all had such cool armours and powers! Not the mention the eternal question of “Is Andromeda a girl or a boy?” Whatever! They were sooooooo great!

3 - Dragon Ball Z

Once again I had to choose the Portuguese intro because I couldn’t find the specific one I used to watch as a kid. I used to really love these cartoons, this season in particular. After this one I kinda lost interest, though this one was so captivating with the tournaments and the the great villain!!

2 - Cinderella

There’s a lot to be said about this show. I found it recently on Amazon Prime UK and decided to watch it again. Now that I’m older I realised how great this show actually was. Not only focusing on her journey but also the Prince’s. They both grow and learn together until they’re ready to finally commit to one another. Also loved the fact that the “Fairy Godmother” only gave them a push on situations of peril, it was always up to them to make a choice. I’m feeling really nostalgic right now!

1 - Biker Mice From Mars

It was really hard to pick a number one. Most of the shows in this list were my favourites to watch, but Biker Mice From Mars has a special place in my heart. It appealed to my passion for Science Fiction and futuristic motorcycles. I also really loved the witty dialogue and the characters’s personality. Throttle was my favourite ever since he drop the famous “There are three things you can count on: your brains, your bros and your bike.”

Bonus round: Count Duckula

I was very surprised when I did my research that this cartoon was produced by Thames Television! And…a full on pentagram on a kids show? Amazing! The concept for this show is so outside the box but I truly loved it when I was a kid.