My Top 10 Childhood Cartoons : Disney Edition

Dear reader,

And…I’m back to making my silly lists!! As a follow up from my latest list where I ranked my Top 10 Childhood Cartoons, I decided to make a list of the ones I used to love that were made by Disney!

10 - Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers

How silly of a cartoon was this? I can’t even remember why I liked it so much but I still remember the song!

9 - Gummi Bears

I was very into this. I’ve always been drawn to this sort of mysticism and this particular cartoon delivered on in spades. It’s an insane concept (aren’t all the best cartoons?) but it was very entertaining.

8 - Lilo and Stitch

If you loved the movie as much I did than, like me, you probably also enjoyed the animated series. I didn’t watch many episodes as I didn’t have easy access to them and could only watch it on my holidays but I still remember really loving the concept and new characters.

7 - Timon and Pumbaa

This was another great animated series that came from a Disney film. It was just silly and fun! We were so hooked on these characters after the movie that everything and anything they were in we would watch just for the laughs!

6 - Tale Spin

I always think that this was some sort of spin off from the Jungle Book. It had a great intro sequence and theme song.

5 - Aladdin Series

This was another great series that come out from a film. I used to watch it cause I wanted to see different versions of Jasmine’s clothes! I know…I know…My priorities back then where very plain :P

4 - Darkwing Duck

This was the closest thing Disney had to Batman and it was soooooo OTT!! Once again bonus points for a great intro and must I say, costume and bike!

3 - House of Mouse

This was so cool!! I wish I could still watch this! I love the fact that all those other Disney characters were together in the same space and even made funny comments about whatever was happening.

2 - Ducktales

I hereby ask for forgiveness if this song is now stuck in your brains never to leave it. How I absolutely loved this show!! I used to read a LOT of Disney comics so it was a delight to see this show and all those characters so alive!

1 - Gargoyles

This was my TOP favourite show! It was so different and unique from everything else, specially from Disney! The story, the lore, once again that call back to ancient mysticism. I think it was quite ahead of its time. I recently watch it on Disney Life and I couldn’t believe just how great it was.

Maria Lima