Is Disney for grown ups?

Dear reader,

I was checking my social media feed recently when I came across a post from a mother explaining aggressively how much she hated seeing childless couples at a Disney theme park because they were “taking up the space that belonged to her young kids”. After reading this very extensive rant I realised that not only was she having a really bad day but she targeted her rage very unfairly. An article was also written recently regarding the admission of adults without children visiting a Disney theme park because…well…apparently only kids can and should enjoy such experience.

I don’t know about you but let me explain why I think is so important to let adults (with or without children) enjoy the magic that is going to a Disney theme park (or any other theme park for that matter). Some of us did not grow up with parents that could afford everything : toys, trips, etc. Some of us had little or nothing to play with. Also these days kids have more and easier access to a lot of merchandise that I do not remember seeing when I was younger. Some of us did not have a childhood full of these fantasies and moments of joy.

As an adult who’s dream is to go to a Disney theme park, I totally understand the appeal. For me it will be a way to experience something I never did as a child. Most adults want that, even those who had a great childhood! They also deserve the chance to relive that. We all do.

This kinda reminds me when I watched Citizen Kane for the first time and I realised that what I loved more about that film was that it is an homage to innocence, to happiness in its purest forms. SPOILER ALERT! When you figure it out that all that man wanted was his childhood back, the moment he was most happy. A man who had everything still wanted that piece of himself that was lost somewhere. That’s how important these experiences are for adults. It allows us to reconnect with that part of ourselves. Our inner child.

If going to a Disney theme park does that, why not allow it? Why not embrace it? Yes! I wanna go and see a Princess’s Palace in person! Yes! I wanna hug Goofy and take pictures with a Disney Villain! Say yes to all of that! We shouldn’t not be or feel ashamed for loving all of these things. I sure am not!

Maria Lima